Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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HLB places the greatest emphasis on maintaining and enhancing further its high standards of quality, services and professional expertise.

These objectives are maintained through persistent communication between referring and receiving firms. Effective procedures are constantly in place to monitor the standards of the work undertaken.

In response to the globalisation of markets, HLB has been developing "referral" of business between locations, as the primary catalyst for the group's continued expansion into the new millennium. HLB's growth in referrals is currently expanding at a rate of 20% per year.

Substantial progress has been made in recent years. The volume of international business undertaken and the number of clients, firms and countries involved, is testament to HLB's success in competing on the world business markets. In the past five years HLB has seen a growth of 400%. This was achieved through member firms in over 40 countries - a number which is rising steadily.

HLB, through its network, has the ability to attract clients with strong international interest. Current clients include banks, heavy engineering, manufacturing, shipping, retailing and food processing as well as service industries.

The task of our group is to be alert to the changing nature of our clients' business. By continuing to "think international" we will be ready to assist with their geographic expansion.

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